Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Found out last week R's got 3 more tumors in his bladder. Don't know if their new or were so small the Dr missed them. Going to try some herbal fightn back Surgery March30, taking several days off. Had to reschedule. Stressco got folks at the VDTA the week before . Stressso, what a joke. I'd be embarresed to train others that bad. No one has any idea why you use that function key or use those letters, you just do. No logic or reason, anyone got a worm?? Got so fustrated melted down. Weather's georgerous right now, what to go plant garden, wait this is Colorado and March, it's an illusion. April's coming. Almost ready to bring down the quilting machine. Going to use it while R's in recovery. Found a music theory teacher, finally, no we just have to find time to get together. Tron!!!! Gotta wait to December to see it?? AAARGG! Guess we won't have a photo party until after L1's baby pops. Just no time with this surgery, feel defeated by the new, my husband has cancer. Going to concentrate loosing weight and getting back to gym.