Target golfing

Target golfing
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Colorado Waltz

Went to WFF w/ R several weeks ago and heard a new song. "Colorado Waltz" Decided I had to learn it on the HD. First I had to find it. Could find 2 performances, but no music or lyrics. Listened the the two youtubes and got it transcribed. Am posting it here. Want it preserved. It's lovely. Have it down on the HD, will post soon. Want to go back to WFF with my flip camera and catch the 80+ lovely woman that sings it. Want to play if with her. Maybe....

Colorado Waltz

There's a place I long to be, just a mile above the sea

Where we dance to the Colorado Waltz

You can hear the fiddles play and the pine trees softly sway

As we dance to the Colorado Waltz

You can dance to the waltz of Kentucky

or the beautiful waltz of Tennessee

But your hearts will be light while you're dancing tonight

To the strains of the Colorado Waltz

Where the mountains touch the sky and the lazy clouds roll by

As we dance to the Colorado Waltz

then you'll never want to roam from your Colorado home

Or the memories of the Colorado Waltz

From the Rocky Mountains high to the eastern plains so wide

With rivers sweet and clear and flow with gold.

Hear the Continental heights and the Sand dunes desert nights

Sing the Colorado Waltz to young and old

Why go dance to the waltz of Kentucky

You have the sweet waltz of Tennessee

When it’s time to sing the praise of the mountains and the plains

For me it’s the Colorado Waltz


Larson Loonie Byne