Target golfing

Target golfing
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Larson Loonie Byne
I think I shall climb on my soap box.  I've been labeled Celiac by a blood test. Took a while to figure it out and suggest my Dr. look for it.
Wondering.  Are "WE" the canary in the "mine" of food on this world?   Celiac has been labeled a fad because it has recently come to the public eye.  IT IS NOT A FAD.  Here's the simple version of what is happening to a celiac's body when they eat gluten.  There is something in gluten that causes microscopic holes in the intestine.  Once that hole is formed, microscopic particles of food go out those holes into the blood stream.  Once there the white blood cells that have the job of attacking anything that doesn't belong in the bloodstream and getting rid of it.  The problem happens when excessive amounts of food particles confuse the white blood cells.  There's so much stuff to attack it quits trying to differentiate between those food particles and the actual parts of the your own body.  Thyroid is one of the first to go.  Weirdly enough my thyroid is in great shape.  But my arthritis is really, wonderfully, reduced now that I've totally given up gluten.  Have to wonder how it would be if I had stopped much sooner.
Now, here some of the things I've learned of late.  The human family is NOT eating wheat. Wheat is a tall, slow growing grain that has several problems.  It gets some of the nastiest diseases, and it's production is one NINETH of the production of Triticale.  The grain being called Wheat is really a 9 inch tall semi dwarf that was breed in combination with several other grains.  It's a hybrid.  It's made.  But it's 9 times more productive that that tall red wheat of my childhood.  I would like to have someone with an electron microscope examine the stuff at the "bottom" of a stomach after the "patient" has ingested a chunk of bread made with triticale and then after the same patient has ingested a chunk of bread made with good old fashion red wheat.  I'd like to see what "slivers" come out the other side.  I think someone would find that the slivers from triticale are not being broken down by the human stomach acid.  That's your piercing devise.  Wish I could prove the theory.  Call it a gut feeling.  (Sorry)
NOW, let's quit feeling sorry for ourselves.  We can't stop for a donut on the way to work, McDonald's is out of the picture.  Pizza 3 times a week? Forget it.  A sandwich in your lunch sack? Nope.  So sad.  Now hold it.  That sandwich?  It was built for a lazy man playing cards. And it goes downhill from there.  Look again at that list of food.  Convenient, easy to obtain, and dangerous.  S. A.D. Standard American Diet. Toast and Coffee for Breakfast (gluten and caffeine)  Hamburger and fries and soda for lunch ((gluten, fats, sugar, salts, with tomato and lettuce)  Dinner?  KFC?  Pizza?Chinese take out?  ( now that list goes on and on) 
Now, let's try a gluten free day.  Breakfast, scrambled eggs, with turkey bacon (ok I'll give you the salts) but throw in some spinach for pete's sake.  Homemade GF oatmeal with fruit?  Fruit and sausage.  Hash browns with sausage and orange slices.  "You mean I've got to cook????"  Yes, I mean you have to plan, shop for the plan and cook to the plan.  Yes,. I've whined and shed many tears of frustration. But I DO feel much better.  The brain's less fuzzy that it used to be.  I could almost sense it clearing up.   There's more, but it's late.  Another day

Monday, February 17, 2014

Larson Loonie Byne
Magic in the Kitchen from a newly diagnosed Celiac.
Hunting for a "cheese sauce" to go onto rolls of thin sliced turkey ham, wrapped around fresh asparagus.  Had  some banana squash still in the freezer.  Grabbed a chunk and threw it in a pan to defrost.  Once soft and mushing I hit it with the stick blender, added more water, a bit of dry milk and while that heated up put a few tbsp of AP -GF flour in some cold water.  Blended that till smooth, then threw into the watery squash.  Thicken up quite quickly.  Added, not as much cheese, as a good cheese sauce calls for.  Oh, my it was good.  Lovely color, heck, I'll bet you could make mac & cheese for the kiddos and they'd never guess they were getting a healthy dose of vitamin A, & veggie fiber.   Should have added nutmeg, dry mustard and/or parsley.  It was still yummy
Dad said so.  I'll be doing that one again.