Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas

Definatly got to find something better to do with Christmas Day. Christmas Eve with the kids was wonderful, Lori's party was great, fun and everyone helped, but the 25th after the flapjacks were done and so were the kids we got bored. Watched TV, tried to go for a walk, tooo cold. Gotta find some cross country skis, the snows perfect. Finally figured out how to make a sock doll with "one" seam on the serger, I want to make a bunch for next year. Gonna back down on the parties, didn't even get cards out. Didn't get visting teaching done...yet. Many thank yous to write. Gotta get busy now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Tis season to be celebrating and remembering the birth of Christ, and we're running around from this association party to this club dinner. Squeezing in shopping, music practice, THIS AIN'T RIGHT! I want to go caroling, make sock dolls for Children's hospital, knit hats for the soilders in Iraq, smell pine trees and feel warm fireplaces. Can't. No time. Tonight will be our last GPRA meeting, we're done. Didn't learn what we wanted, didn't make new friends, you can't pan once a month in the summer and be part of the group. No wonder my bottom lip looks like Queen Abeadala, dang cold sore when nearly to my chin. If that's not a warning, I'll take it as one. House is a mess, cat hair everywhere. Nobody wants to clean up, including me. I miss the real Christmas. Anyone know where it is??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Never thought I'd be glad for a hot flash. Weather's sub-zero, office lost water, most of the heat in building is hot water pipes. Many layers on and the off again. Only one usable bathroom in the building..ALL the way across to the hotel. Make cookies last night. Christmas tree sugar cookies with lollipop drops and threads in red and green, for RS cookie exchange. Roasted chestnuts are yummy and now we know how to do them. Needs salt. Taste like walnuts and artichoke hearts. We dressed up all Christmas and matching. Got many compliments and a photo request. Lovely day, not too cold. Did a bit of shopping after. Came home and had a video fest. Finally saw Museum 2 and Forbidden Kingdom. Nice way to spend a cold Saturday nite. Sunday went up to check up on J & W. She took a fall onto her tailbone (sound familiar) whooooee she's a sore puppy, but babies fine. W looks good in Santa suit.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cold weathers coming, we've got plenty of firewood just out side the back door, the Christmas tree is up, and we're looking at the calendar and cringing. 5 HD gigs, 4 dinners for associations and companies, 2 "Santa" gigs, but the Wall's going to do the one for our ward. The kids are getting wise to the scene, I can hardly wait for the eyebrows to go up when dad walks in NOT in the suit. We're going to dress up warm this weekend and head to the hills for the Georgetown Christmas fest, have a hankering for roasted chestnuts. We're going to try from the Temple next Friday night. Any takers?? Dr says I'm anemic, again. Back to molasses and milk. Hope that corrects it. At least I'm not so tired. Thought I was really loosing it for a while. Too many times my feet were kicked out from under me. I was starting to wonder if I could find solid ground. Dad had his Dr going in circles. 8 reasons to get a bladder tumor and none of them apply to him. Dr order him back to the gym. Hurrah! Wish I could find more Christmas music I wanted to do on the HD, they sound so pretty. Would love to have someone play the guitar with me and "Mary did you know". Want to take Guitar lessons in January. Will be glad when stressco gets it's act together. tired of being the red-haird step company. Bundle up, wear the longies and stay warm. It's DECEMBER