Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Monday, October 17, 2011

Colorado Waltz

Went to WFF w/ R several weeks ago and heard a new song. "Colorado Waltz" Decided I had to learn it on the HD. First I had to find it. Could find 2 performances, but no music or lyrics. Listened the the two youtubes and got it transcribed. Am posting it here. Want it preserved. It's lovely. Have it down on the HD, will post soon. Want to go back to WFF with my flip camera and catch the 80+ lovely woman that sings it. Want to play if with her. Maybe....

Colorado Waltz

There's a place I long to be, just a mile above the sea

Where we dance to the Colorado Waltz

You can hear the fiddles play and the pine trees softly sway

As we dance to the Colorado Waltz

You can dance to the waltz of Kentucky

or the beautiful waltz of Tennessee

But your hearts will be light while you're dancing tonight

To the strains of the Colorado Waltz

Where the mountains touch the sky and the lazy clouds roll by

As we dance to the Colorado Waltz

then you'll never want to roam from your Colorado home

Or the memories of the Colorado Waltz

From the Rocky Mountains high to the eastern plains so wide

With rivers sweet and clear and flow with gold.

Hear the Continental heights and the Sand dunes desert nights

Sing the Colorado Waltz to young and old

Why go dance to the waltz of Kentucky

You have the sweet waltz of Tennessee

When it’s time to sing the praise of the mountains and the plains

For me it’s the Colorado Waltz


Larson Loonie Byne

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gonna get interesting

R was made 2nd councelor in the Hidden Lake Ward Bishopric. The new Bishop is 6'6", the 1st councelor is 6'5 and R is 6'3" he's the short one. That ain't right. But the rest ALL is. Good group and lots of changes to come. We've known since Wednesday, but couldn't say a word to anyone, that's not easy. I'll be doing the single gig again, but this time I don't have 5 little kids like I did years ago. Maybe I'll get more practice time on the HD. Still can't find a job I want, and that really is the crux. Several jobs I could apply for, they are just not jobs I want. Weird hours, OTHER side of town, and are you kidding? you want to pay WHAT? At least unemployement benefits still have some time to go. Going to the temple Friday and have a yard sale Saturday. Went to the cannery today and we did over 8000 cans of tomato soup bout half of what they wanted to do, but that was only the morning shift. Gotta get R's nose fixed, his snoring is not letting me sleep and I'm exhausted. I'm drugging up tonight.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Merrill??

On the back the large one says "Could be 2nd wife of Grand mother Merrill

The smaller has written Mariner W Merrill

Any guesses??

Marineer Merrill

The piece of paper was found behind the photo in the big red velvet book. My father said that the album was Marineer and his wives. No real idea. ANYONE. The book goes to DUP this Friday, they have a great museum and ways of letting people find other people. Here's hoping.

Tribute to Elders W. S Berry and J.H. Gibbs

No idea show these guys were, are and why their in a big red velvet photo album that came from my grandfathers home. Any ideas?

Litchfield the man of many faces

In that big red velvet photo album marked "Souvinir" is a photo with the words.
Litchfield, the man of many faces. Gotta wonder. Was he a traveling entertainer that left his photo card, like stars today leave autographs? No Idea, if you do, let me kno


We're heading for Utah Thursday to take J & A some things from mom's estate and furniture from her folks home. We're first stopping at DUP and handing off the photo album I grabbed from Mom's house so that DUP can work their magic and get some of these folks identified. It's going to be thrilling to connect with some more ancestors if those photos really are who they say they are. Got some weird one's I'm going to post individually so they can be looked at by people who are on-line and have a bit of information on them.

Seems like forever since I posted. Another day I'll catch up, not today.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

End of January

Just one month, already?
Lost my job, can't say I'm surprised. If Essco is in business in 2 years I'll be even more surprised. They actually did me a favor, now I don't have to help them clean up like I did Jonas Bros. Now what. Need more computer skills, getting more computer skills, cleaning house, painting living room. Beethoven has a new coat of paint and a new lampshade, it's only been 35 years or more. I have a magnetic wall. New magnetic paint makes it real easy to put up new photos, can change it anytime I want. Almost got Toothless done, have spent more time taking it apart. Lousy instructions, going to make some strong suggestions to the creator. My sewing students would shoot me it I was that vague. Wally has new job, I'm super pleased, mostly because he won't be driving 60 miles each day. Lo & kiddos safe in Florida, enjoy guys, throw a rock in the ocean for me. Trying to figure out if/when to go to LA. DON'T really want to at all. Month after the accident and still sore, weird. Need to lose weight, 18 years of sitting is coming back to haunt. Need to move. Am going to move.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Many tined fork in the road

If Electric Sweeper Service is still in business in two years, I'll really be surprised. I'm actually releaved to be shed of them. I should have been job hunting this past year. Amazing how comfortable we can thing we are even when the bed we lie in is full of rocks and pricks. Got a phone call from one of my favorite dealers, I gotta take a trip to Lawrence Kansas and thank this man. He hunted me down on the internet to let me know just how upset he was. Thanks Steve. P.Sawhill got a new 6 head embroidery machine. Wants me to help her learn how to use it...or does she want me to work for her??? Thinking about going to Emily Griffiths to learn medical billing or transcription and make more money. Will take a year, but hey if I can get unemployment for that long, why not. Spend a year squeezing every penny to be able to kick up my value in the market? Not a bad thought. Wanna spend much time on the HD. MUST learn Cannon in D, yes, go ahead and groan with me. Put myself on the market for weddings and funeral and garden parties. AM GOING to get the C.D. done this year. CA is making me crazy. Nothing legal going on down there and don't want to be the one to haul in the law, but maybe I'll have to. Started at looking how to make a will. Not hard, you just got to be precise. Almost got Mari-Posie done. She's Twigs, 2nd cousin? Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly. Hope to finish her this week and start on Toothless. Doll making is fun. It's cold and snowing, nice to day to think, pray and meditate. Wish I could get a strong answer on which tine to travel. Maybe just too soon.