Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hoping that this February storm is what could be called the crux of winter. We're on the down hill sloop and on our way to Spring. I've had enough cold weather let alone snow. I want to get some work done and can't as long as it's snowing. Need outside space to cut wood. Had a good time preforming at the Br00mfield nursing center. One of the old gents asked me if I could play "Going Home", I could almost remember it, I'll play it next time. The more I have to work with stresscos program the more I want to go job hunting. It's going to really slow us down and lose us customers and we're going to get blamed for the lost business. I'd really love to know if I can read minds. She's not too far from the other side, so pale and she grabs the nurses, but when she took my hand, it was soft and gentle and I thought I heard a "thank you, lovely music" but she can't talk. That's why I go back each month. Playing for their Sweetheart social was a ball too. Played for a full hour and was appreciated. Dad goes for his NICET 4 next Saturday. Finally that milestone will be past and supposedly they'll be a raise. R's wanted it for years.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another week goes by

More overtime for R should be a nice paycheck. Trying to go the gym everyother day, still not working out. Quit DUP got tired of feeling like I don't belong. Was looking for a service orginazation, not a "sit down and read stories about stuff in a museum, " group of people that 3 years later I still don't know. Relief Society doesn't serve mankind, DUP doesn't either, still got a void. Back to making slipper, quilts and sock dolls. Sewing rooms a disaster. Got a very lovely jungle quilt done. This one might go on sale to finance others. WANT MY QUILT MACHINE BACK, studios a constant dumping ground. Stressco came in to start training, yikes they use an OLD unix program called DejawinT, I feel like I'm stepping back into the stone age, I think pen and paper would be better than this program. Slow, stupid and not the least be friendly, You can't even use a mouse inside the program. The computer gods are laughing. Am playing for Broomfields Sweetheat Dessert night Thursday, "Endearing Charms went together in 3 days, I'm amazed. Just with I get happy with ""You are my Sunshine" Miss Skyping with Joe and kiddos. Cold and snowy Sunday, Going to pack up the photos prepitory to a "Pizza and Photo Party" I give up.