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Target golfing
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

There are days when I tired of being a Mormon.  I get tired of being stoic, of being reverent, and singing with half my voice so I don't drown out the rest of the congregation.  I have no allusions that I have a great voice, but I do have a good voice, and I enjoy singing, WITH ALL OF IT!.
My brother, Doyle, is a bit of of a reprobate,( I say that will all the love in my heart and with hugs to him) He left the church many years ago, and I'm not sure I blame him at all.  (long story, that.)
He called me many weeks ago and told me he had recently moved back to Santa Monica and was living in an apartment building over looking  "THAT" LDS building.  (Of course I knew what building that was, another long story belongs here, another day)  and he asked me a question.
"Leanne, do Mormon's sing? anymore?
"I remember as a kid the church just really sounding good with song, and now, I watch members walking into the building and then...dead quiet"
I, like him, rather doubt that the Church has gone into that building and remodeled with sound insulation, and I was....ashamed. 
D & C 25: 12 For my soul adelighteth in the bsong of the cheart; yea, the dsong of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.
And frankly, I'm a glutton for blessings.
I been to a couple of "other" worship service and in some of the music rocks, some of it literally  Admittedly the ones with the rock band have gone over the line, in my opinion.  BUT, singing, with ALL of your voice is why the Good Lord gave you a voice in the first place.  Every instrument on the planet has ONE purpose, and that is to IMITATE THE HUMAN VOICE.  Every instrument on the planet is "jealous" of the human voice.  We can make tones and find 1/2 tones and 1/4 tones that most instrument can't even try for.  It wasn't until computer generated tone generators that an instrument got close.   
I told my ward my brothers "question" and informed them that If they don't like my voice they have one option, SING LOUDER.  I don't hold back, but today in choir, I had to, and I'm pretty darn tired of being a half voice Mormon.