Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making progress slowly

The carrots are in the dryer. WHOOOOO do I have a lot of fennel. Any body want some? Don't know what to do with all the sage I havn't even pulled. Chopped off the top of the cherry tree, I hope I don't have to replace it next year, it has a bug. Anyone want to smoke some meat with fresh cherry wood? Now I've got to clean the kitchen. Still gotta blow out the sprinkler lines, sprayed weeds, planted garlic, it's a georgeous day to be outside.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Cleaning the garden, drying onions, carrots, fennel, making compost, planting garlic, fall house cleaning, checking out cars, sewing for grandkids, recovering from the flu, worrying about my mother whose hurting so bad she's in the hospital. Pancreatic leisons, no idea why. Worrying about my son-in-law going in for surgery, and I can't be there to help. Wishing I had an excuse to fly to Utah and listen to g-kids giggle. Eyes hurt, lots of onions. Long list of things to do and I gotta work tomorrow, and the next day. All I really want to do it play Jubal, all day long and not hurt. Feeling meloncoly.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dr Called Friday, Diagnois, Benign!!
Major stress relief.
He'll be scoped again in 90 days, and then in 60 months, if anything starts showing up in that time, we'll be talking a chemo, as a prevention Apparently line the bladder with something to kill fast growing cells, sounds familiar Supposidly causes irritation, I'll bet.
Starting to feel like like could be back to ?normal? what is normal anyhow?
LO met me in in Boulder and we took the kids up to Nederland to ride the Carousel of Happiness. Had a very good time.
Going to start a flicker account for all the photos.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time for some detective work

R had his 2nd bladder tumor removal today, took longer that is could have, the patient before him had complications, we didn't get out of the hospital until 4:30 for a 10 am surgery. Both Drs claim that the best cause is smoking. R tried it as a kid and tossed his cookies. Gotta be other reasons. This Dr also claims heavy metals and benzadrine, mechanics fight it As long as they stay benign all is just a darnnnnnn incovience. We're going to have to face this yearly. If they go malignant it's over fast. That's why they want them out, fast. 5 days til verdict.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

San Francisco

Like visiting an old friend. Got smart. put our "luggage" on our backs. Dressed matching, got a bus pass. Whole trip didn't cost 500. Brought home Chinese pork buns, sponge cake, sourdough starter, sand, photos, lace, 2 fans, and sore feet.
Good music, but need to put aside the whole 3 days if we do it again, and could. Amazing to be as far away from the stages as we were and still hear clearly.
Took the BART into downtown, had breakfast at a cute bistro, got a photo of Robert in front of
Embarcadaro 3, where he worked years ago. Grabbed a Cable Car bought an all day pass, boy howdy is that the way to do it, and made our way to the end of Fisherman's wharf. Had hot Cocoa with pumpkin pie spice for R and Carmel for me at Giradelli's. yummy. Walked around several HUGE ships, got reminded just how much I miss the sound of waves, got a new pearl and it's shell, had a wonderful bowl of seafood and sourdough listening to gulls chase bread crumbs. Bought 6 small sourdough loaves. Saw sourdough bread shaped as teddybears, alligators, crabs. Went thru the penny arcade. Kept finding pennies on the ground, decided it's a conspiricy, leave pennies and the tourists will pick them up and spend 50 cents to have it pressed with a souviener picture. We were tourists. Recorded the Regina, would love to own one. The carousel on the wharf is gone. Replaced by a Hard Rock Cafe. Grrrr.
Made our way to China town, got pork buns and a sponge cake. Walked down hill, (you either walk down hill or up unless your at the wharf0 and ate our pork buns (they never bothered my stomach, miracles of miracles) while we watched the folks play card games and laugh. Much laughter in that pretty park. Bought another case to carry the bread and the 2 new pashmeres, beautiful chop sticks battenburg lace collars and 2 fans. Found the billfold R's been looking for. Lots of street vendors on Market street. didn't buy a thing. Beautiful weather. Fog in an out all 3 days. Took longer that our sore feet would have liked to find the right bus back to near the airport and our motel room. Lovely Travelodge, Nice open shower, no bathtub, was a handicap room, they'll get a good review.
Decent continental breakfast, made it easier to hop back on the bus and head back to downtown The Hardly Strickly Bluegrass Festivals website said it started at 10 am, so we got there early only to find nothing happened till 2pm. The bus driver told us which stop to get off, and we ended walking about a mile up the path to the actual festival. As we were walking R asked "are those raspberries?" All kinds of blackberry bushes dotted the park pathways. So we noshed on the way in. Once we got in and found nothing was happening, I noticed a path up the hill, thru the trees of every kind, and less than 2000 feet over the hill was the same road and a bus stop, if only we'd known. Our all day bus passes let up hop on the bus and go down about 8 blocks to the Safeway where we grabbed snacks, and walked 2 blocks to the beach. We toured the visitors center to the park, fasinating history, that park shouldn't exist. It was originally sand dunes and bogs, wouldn't know that now. Grabbed the bus back to the shortcut and spent about 5 or 6 hours at the festival. Good music, really good music. Amazing sound set up, we could clearly hear a football field away. Huge happy, well behaved crowd, some sweet local gave up her seat for one preformance, she went to another stage. I won't go again without seats.
We left before it got too dark and got on what quickly became a very crowded bus back into downtown, stopped at Mel's diner for supper, then took the bus back to the motel, crashed an burned.
Last day, leisurely pack up, breakfast and hit the 8:30 bus back to town and figured out how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. Good Golly that things Ginormous. No way would I walk it. Photos. Then back to China Town, their China Town, hardly any English, but a great lunch in a cafe with the pretties ceiling. Dumpling soup, dumplings with a whole shrimp and other seafood inside. R had a great lamb curry. Had to walk down 2 hills to the tourist China town and picked up the legondary sponge cakes, stopped and listened and talked with a Yang Quin player, it's VERY simular to the Hammered Dulcimer. One last trip on the Cable Car, down to the BART station and head home.
Lovely trip, not a single problem except trying to make sure which bus to ride when. At least they're often enough. Thoughts occur, volunteer at the festival next time. Do nothing but the Festival, Ok, it's not too far to China Town for dinner. Get a hotel IN town. Come up Highway 1 with a trailer and stay near the beach. Intend on going back, it's like an old friend.