Target golfing

Target golfing
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Maria Clews
   My great grandmother.  When I got a copy of this photo it was horribly scratched and pitted.  Joe taught me how to digitally restore photos and it took me hours to get this photo cleaned up.  Working on it I concentrated hard on small areas and didn't see the whole photo until the last view and when I saw her face completed, I gasped.  I see myself in that face, especially the eyes.  I'd love to know her real story.  I've been told she was deported to Australia because she was an unwed mother and that she never married, but I've seen conflict to that story.  One day I'll find out more and add to this.

Mabel Rixon and her sister
   Finally found this photo with a great pile of other photos and am so delighted to see it again.  My grandmother and her sister as teenagers.  Notice the purse and the watch on the wrist.  I couldn't help thinking the first time I saw them, "their in style today"  How fun to see the past and realize the life those two must have had.