Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Thursday, December 30, 2010

time to review

Last day of the year, time for a review. I'm a survivor, I've been married 35 wonderful years to a truly wonderful man, Seen two new fabulous grandbabies born, and lost my mother. Maybe the Sharp's too. Had a daughter surprise me with an act of love that leaves me in awe of her. Had my home broken into, lost both guitars, two computers. Flipped a Blazer in the snow and drove another day in the snow with nothing more than some rattled nerves. Poured not nearly enough concrete. Had a good garden, lovely roses dispite a wicked hail storm. Learned several new pieces on the hammered dulcimer. Got to play at White Fence Farm 3 times. Went to the Manito Spring music festival. Made a Twig doll for one grand daughter, made a dress for another. Knitted a vest and hat for a grandson. Only went gold panning once. Need to do that more often. Didn't see my kids near enough. Didn't sew enough, didn't lose enough weight. Didn't move enough, didn't go to the temple often enough. It's all past.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life is looking up

Found Robert a new ride. Blazer LT with all the trimmings, it cost less than the payment from the insurance so financually we in a better place, now it all paperwork. We're both healing, have decided we're not doing enough to help us heal, we've got the tools, didn't take the time. NUF, take the time, tired of hurting. At least I can furrow my brow without it hurting, still can't "noggin" with Kim. .. Robert only has to be in the boot for 4 to 6 weeks instead of the 12 the trama Dr wanted him in. This too shall pass. Not surprised how little I remember of Mom's funeral. Actually that whole week is a blur. Thanks to all for all your help getting us around. Feel like I'm waking out of a bad nights sleep. Played HD at the Senior center. Need to do more, it's healing for my soul. Need more of that too.
Only two more weeks of lazy Sunday Mornings, shall miss them.
Love you all

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whoo Wee what a time frame to not remember, and remember. House broken into Wednesday, stole my computers, guitars and Ly's expensive camera. Found replacement computers, later

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making progress slowly

The carrots are in the dryer. WHOOOOO do I have a lot of fennel. Any body want some? Don't know what to do with all the sage I havn't even pulled. Chopped off the top of the cherry tree, I hope I don't have to replace it next year, it has a bug. Anyone want to smoke some meat with fresh cherry wood? Now I've got to clean the kitchen. Still gotta blow out the sprinkler lines, sprayed weeds, planted garlic, it's a georgeous day to be outside.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Cleaning the garden, drying onions, carrots, fennel, making compost, planting garlic, fall house cleaning, checking out cars, sewing for grandkids, recovering from the flu, worrying about my mother whose hurting so bad she's in the hospital. Pancreatic leisons, no idea why. Worrying about my son-in-law going in for surgery, and I can't be there to help. Wishing I had an excuse to fly to Utah and listen to g-kids giggle. Eyes hurt, lots of onions. Long list of things to do and I gotta work tomorrow, and the next day. All I really want to do it play Jubal, all day long and not hurt. Feeling meloncoly.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dr Called Friday, Diagnois, Benign!!
Major stress relief.
He'll be scoped again in 90 days, and then in 60 months, if anything starts showing up in that time, we'll be talking a chemo, as a prevention Apparently line the bladder with something to kill fast growing cells, sounds familiar Supposidly causes irritation, I'll bet.
Starting to feel like like could be back to ?normal? what is normal anyhow?
LO met me in in Boulder and we took the kids up to Nederland to ride the Carousel of Happiness. Had a very good time.
Going to start a flicker account for all the photos.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time for some detective work

R had his 2nd bladder tumor removal today, took longer that is could have, the patient before him had complications, we didn't get out of the hospital until 4:30 for a 10 am surgery. Both Drs claim that the best cause is smoking. R tried it as a kid and tossed his cookies. Gotta be other reasons. This Dr also claims heavy metals and benzadrine, mechanics fight it As long as they stay benign all is just a darnnnnnn incovience. We're going to have to face this yearly. If they go malignant it's over fast. That's why they want them out, fast. 5 days til verdict.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

San Francisco

Like visiting an old friend. Got smart. put our "luggage" on our backs. Dressed matching, got a bus pass. Whole trip didn't cost 500. Brought home Chinese pork buns, sponge cake, sourdough starter, sand, photos, lace, 2 fans, and sore feet.
Good music, but need to put aside the whole 3 days if we do it again, and could. Amazing to be as far away from the stages as we were and still hear clearly.
Took the BART into downtown, had breakfast at a cute bistro, got a photo of Robert in front of
Embarcadaro 3, where he worked years ago. Grabbed a Cable Car bought an all day pass, boy howdy is that the way to do it, and made our way to the end of Fisherman's wharf. Had hot Cocoa with pumpkin pie spice for R and Carmel for me at Giradelli's. yummy. Walked around several HUGE ships, got reminded just how much I miss the sound of waves, got a new pearl and it's shell, had a wonderful bowl of seafood and sourdough listening to gulls chase bread crumbs. Bought 6 small sourdough loaves. Saw sourdough bread shaped as teddybears, alligators, crabs. Went thru the penny arcade. Kept finding pennies on the ground, decided it's a conspiricy, leave pennies and the tourists will pick them up and spend 50 cents to have it pressed with a souviener picture. We were tourists. Recorded the Regina, would love to own one. The carousel on the wharf is gone. Replaced by a Hard Rock Cafe. Grrrr.
Made our way to China town, got pork buns and a sponge cake. Walked down hill, (you either walk down hill or up unless your at the wharf0 and ate our pork buns (they never bothered my stomach, miracles of miracles) while we watched the folks play card games and laugh. Much laughter in that pretty park. Bought another case to carry the bread and the 2 new pashmeres, beautiful chop sticks battenburg lace collars and 2 fans. Found the billfold R's been looking for. Lots of street vendors on Market street. didn't buy a thing. Beautiful weather. Fog in an out all 3 days. Took longer that our sore feet would have liked to find the right bus back to near the airport and our motel room. Lovely Travelodge, Nice open shower, no bathtub, was a handicap room, they'll get a good review.
Decent continental breakfast, made it easier to hop back on the bus and head back to downtown The Hardly Strickly Bluegrass Festivals website said it started at 10 am, so we got there early only to find nothing happened till 2pm. The bus driver told us which stop to get off, and we ended walking about a mile up the path to the actual festival. As we were walking R asked "are those raspberries?" All kinds of blackberry bushes dotted the park pathways. So we noshed on the way in. Once we got in and found nothing was happening, I noticed a path up the hill, thru the trees of every kind, and less than 2000 feet over the hill was the same road and a bus stop, if only we'd known. Our all day bus passes let up hop on the bus and go down about 8 blocks to the Safeway where we grabbed snacks, and walked 2 blocks to the beach. We toured the visitors center to the park, fasinating history, that park shouldn't exist. It was originally sand dunes and bogs, wouldn't know that now. Grabbed the bus back to the shortcut and spent about 5 or 6 hours at the festival. Good music, really good music. Amazing sound set up, we could clearly hear a football field away. Huge happy, well behaved crowd, some sweet local gave up her seat for one preformance, she went to another stage. I won't go again without seats.
We left before it got too dark and got on what quickly became a very crowded bus back into downtown, stopped at Mel's diner for supper, then took the bus back to the motel, crashed an burned.
Last day, leisurely pack up, breakfast and hit the 8:30 bus back to town and figured out how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. Good Golly that things Ginormous. No way would I walk it. Photos. Then back to China Town, their China Town, hardly any English, but a great lunch in a cafe with the pretties ceiling. Dumpling soup, dumplings with a whole shrimp and other seafood inside. R had a great lamb curry. Had to walk down 2 hills to the tourist China town and picked up the legondary sponge cakes, stopped and listened and talked with a Yang Quin player, it's VERY simular to the Hammered Dulcimer. One last trip on the Cable Car, down to the BART station and head home.
Lovely trip, not a single problem except trying to make sure which bus to ride when. At least they're often enough. Thoughts occur, volunteer at the festival next time. Do nothing but the Festival, Ok, it's not too far to China Town for dinner. Get a hotel IN town. Come up Highway 1 with a trailer and stay near the beach. Intend on going back, it's like an old friend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

flat tire

not a good day, flat tire on the way to work and no lug wrench in the car. Spare was flat too, but didn't find that til I made it to work. Thank the GL for good samaritians.
R'sgot surgery Oct 6 and I think he's not happy. SF next weekend, finally.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Im bummed out

White Fence Farm cancelled on me. The grape arbor is dropping grapes and the bees are having a great time so it's not performance friendly. R's wrapped up in his ham/emergency preparedness and I don't know what do, it's hotter than heck outside I can't play the accordion long enough to join with an accordion group. I'm bummed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

happy days

Lovely b-day grandma 6.0 rode 2 merry go rounds the Denzel at Cheyenne Mt zoo and the one at Co mills. going back to that one. Found R's missing hat. Found a fabulous western wear store, could spend lots of money , if we had it. party with the kids. Le Ly makes exquizid cupcakes. Ly totally got the kitchen clean, that was a wonderful gift. somedays i dispare a ever seeing that clean. Lo & D gave me an etable arrangement, lasted all weekend long, made camping much more enjoyable. Still hate my job especially when new neighbors are moving in that they're taking out walls on the other side of my wall.

Monday, August 16, 2010

White Fence Farm

Was a very quiet victory. The place doesn't open til 4pm and everyone heads for the dining room and then after supper they wander, so I played by myself for about an hour in a very pleasant venue. I want a grape arbour just like theirs. It was probably 15 degree cooler under there. They asked me back. I shall return.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm on edge but excited

Tomorrow 4:30 White Fence Farm Grape Arbor Hammered Dulcimer preformance, Nervous, keep making mistakes on pieces I know backwards. Ggirls dress is done so is bonnet and slippers. Less weeds in the garden and one fence post is up. North side of garage has has it's concrete done, now we need to move dirt to start other sides. Got busy weekends ahead. Clean Chapel and HD this weekend, my bday next weekend, wonder if anyone remembers I'm turning 60 I made it. Don't feel it. Following weekend, Manitu Music fest, next week sewing classes all Saturday.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hammered Dulcimer YeeP

Have a young friend, plays violin, told him about White Fence Farm and their bluegrass jams. He asked for a ride. When we got there they had the "Guitars and Stuff" home open for the first time that we're been there. I walked in a lot my breath. Old Martins and Gibson guitars. Zithers, Balankas, Auds, everything stringed, except a Hammered Dulcimer and I said so. The guy behind the counter says, I tried one but couldn't play it, so I sold it. I asked, do you want me to teach you? You play? I do, Would you like to play here? I would, So begins the e-mail conversations. They have a lovely grape arbour off the side of the little old house, (well it's not that old, just looks it. it wasn't there 2 years ago.) I'll be there the 14th, yee haw.
Making slow progress on the concrete work around the garage. Wow the weather's been hot. The garden and the weeds are taking off like crazy. Anyone want zucinni?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

many good things

Many good things. R is now NICET 4, many years of waiting,yeah!! My eee is back and healthy with no charge, nice to have this little guy back. Got my big laptop back. New fan, in old heatsink, plus 2 more G and my golly skype is faster and cleaner. Nice to be back up and connected. Gardens well on it's way and full of weeds, anyone know an herbal person willing to trade herbs for pulling weeds? Taking a break from music theory. Until I can KNOW the chords, no reason to move on. Want to go camping, van leaks. New georgeous grand girl. Almost got her dress done, then I start bonnett & shoes. enjoying first berries, too bad the fruit got hail beat, no apples this year. can't be all good nues

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Took the last pill Friday morning. NOW I feel like a suvivor. Now I just have to get the poison our of my system so I can get a full nights sleep without drugs and hot flashes. NOW maybe I can get this weight gone. Time to put it behind me. Now, time to lose some weight.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mother's day 2010 WHAT IS WITH THIS COLD WEATHER??? I can't get my garden started, it's snowed Thursday, I feel like I should get back into my long handles. Global weirding. oh ,yea!
Got a wonderful card for the Utah L's the kids picked it themselves and that mean more to me than I can say. 8 more day. See Dr Lee the 17th, feel like I'm holding my breath. I have to have him check ALL of me. To many weird pains here and there and paranoia is nasty. I want to die an OLD OLD lady. Music theory may be beyond me, I'm floundering and not liking it at all. I think I need to hear more than see more. I want to feel a warm sun on my face. May is to late to be this cold. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Freaked Out

Co-worker asks me to come help her get out of a part of the office program, I walk over and see CR I tell her "Just hit enter" (why didn't she try that before calling me over?) I walk away twitching, am I more freaked that I know CR means "carriage return" (anyone remember typewriters?" or because the program my company is using uses for enter? Twitch!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


My eee crashed, or got a virus, but it's useless and we may have to send it to the manufacture. I really miss it. R's tumors in his bladder are just going to have to stay put for awhile. Cannot believe the greed economy going on. Dr's office calls tells us we have to give him the $750 dedectible before he'll do the surgery. Hospital calls they want the $750. Hey wait a minute, are we concerned about the patients health or the Dr's pocket book. Turns out the Drs retiring and wants one last pocket lining. Up your's doc. R's company just had a open enrolment for Kaiser. Guess who joined. Lo's new bb is a dolly. Just 6lbs, I don't worry, she makes cream. He'll grow. Easter was a bust. We figured Lo be having bb, R'd be recovering so we didn't plan anything and everybody else had other places to go. At least is was a good strawberry/rubarb pie. Stressco's getting weird. They laid off Dolores Monday, I'm not unhappy, she didn't like the job and made sure other people knew. Jeannie R QUIT!!?? We'll I'm not surprised. I could hear it in her voice 2 weeks ago and told folks she was going to be going, didn't expect her to quit and go bar tending at a biker bar, but that's what she wants to do. Wish her well.
Got a fasinating call from the CFO, I think he was feeling me out as to weither I was going to be the next one gone. He told me he valued my abilities and wanted to let me know. I should have told him"raise not praise" Ah, well, nice to know you're apprecited by the boss if not by your co-workers. Going to the gym more often, feels good. Need to get a photo party under way. R got his NICET 3 certificate. YEAAAAAAA! finally!! NICET 4 is just some paperwork away. TAXES, yech. Gotta figure out why we're not having enuf withdrawn. We keep having to pay, and heavy. I don't do well on 4 hours sleep. The waterbed heater got disconnected and we ended up on the air mattress Friday night. Made a lousy Saturday. Have 4 quilts done. Wish I had the money to make more. Ah well as I labeld this WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Found out last week R's got 3 more tumors in his bladder. Don't know if their new or were so small the Dr missed them. Going to try some herbal fightn back Surgery March30, taking several days off. Had to reschedule. Stressco got folks at the VDTA the week before . Stressso, what a joke. I'd be embarresed to train others that bad. No one has any idea why you use that function key or use those letters, you just do. No logic or reason, anyone got a worm?? Got so fustrated melted down. Weather's georgerous right now, what to go plant garden, wait this is Colorado and March, it's an illusion. April's coming. Almost ready to bring down the quilting machine. Going to use it while R's in recovery. Found a music theory teacher, finally, no we just have to find time to get together. Tron!!!! Gotta wait to December to see it?? AAARGG! Guess we won't have a photo party until after L1's baby pops. Just no time with this surgery, feel defeated by the new, my husband has cancer. Going to concentrate loosing weight and getting back to gym.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hoping that this February storm is what could be called the crux of winter. We're on the down hill sloop and on our way to Spring. I've had enough cold weather let alone snow. I want to get some work done and can't as long as it's snowing. Need outside space to cut wood. Had a good time preforming at the Br00mfield nursing center. One of the old gents asked me if I could play "Going Home", I could almost remember it, I'll play it next time. The more I have to work with stresscos program the more I want to go job hunting. It's going to really slow us down and lose us customers and we're going to get blamed for the lost business. I'd really love to know if I can read minds. She's not too far from the other side, so pale and she grabs the nurses, but when she took my hand, it was soft and gentle and I thought I heard a "thank you, lovely music" but she can't talk. That's why I go back each month. Playing for their Sweetheart social was a ball too. Played for a full hour and was appreciated. Dad goes for his NICET 4 next Saturday. Finally that milestone will be past and supposedly they'll be a raise. R's wanted it for years.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another week goes by

More overtime for R should be a nice paycheck. Trying to go the gym everyother day, still not working out. Quit DUP got tired of feeling like I don't belong. Was looking for a service orginazation, not a "sit down and read stories about stuff in a museum, " group of people that 3 years later I still don't know. Relief Society doesn't serve mankind, DUP doesn't either, still got a void. Back to making slipper, quilts and sock dolls. Sewing rooms a disaster. Got a very lovely jungle quilt done. This one might go on sale to finance others. WANT MY QUILT MACHINE BACK, studios a constant dumping ground. Stressco came in to start training, yikes they use an OLD unix program called DejawinT, I feel like I'm stepping back into the stone age, I think pen and paper would be better than this program. Slow, stupid and not the least be friendly, You can't even use a mouse inside the program. The computer gods are laughing. Am playing for Broomfields Sweetheat Dessert night Thursday, "Endearing Charms went together in 3 days, I'm amazed. Just with I get happy with ""You are my Sunshine" Miss Skyping with Joe and kiddos. Cold and snowy Sunday, Going to pack up the photos prepitory to a "Pizza and Photo Party" I give up.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning

Listening/watching Spoken Word. Thats another pipe dream. bad pun. Had T&K yesterday so D&A can get ready to move. Quite some very bright kiddos. K was singing I Am A Child of God all by himself. Not everything was understandable, I figured it out and when we sang it the 2nd time, he told me to let him sing it alone the 3rd time and Gpa could understand everword that time. R's got much overtime this week, looks like a mostly dead weak, could use one. Getting fustrated with computers and photo albums and guitar. Need help. Not sure to ask. It's winter R's getting nose bleeds. Not much yarrow in the bed, just enough as always. Want to spend a day in the sewing room and get quilts done and clean out fabric. Never enough hours.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Commordore 64

Larson Loonie Byne
Dad found two of the them one unopened. We went to a HAM swapmeet as sellers. Make our entry fees back. Sold one necklace. Brought my beading to keep me busy and to sell. Up in Ft Collins, need to tour that town. Home, to Broomfield Nursing home for HD work out. Need to practice more. Visited W & J good visit, we gonna exchange some labor and change a stove next weekend. L&D came by with some word on house hunting. Oh to be able to take up a different life. Dreams.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Jan 9,2010
I understand you shouldnt grouch about your job on these sites, but I think I'm going job hunting, stresso named JoeG Head sales honcho and I aint sticking around to see the mess that potheads going to make. Dad's been cleaning garage found a bunch of Commodore 64 games, ah to have a Commodore 64 unit and play rat race again. Interesting guitar lesson, teacher has us change our guitar strings to electric strings, less tension on the strings, same noise, no pain on the fingers. It's weird, but cool. Dr is getting silly over my blood numbers, Dr Lee says its all good, just Rx reaction. Gotta get him to talk to Dr A. Cannot believe, Daisy Bell came together on the HD in just over a week. I think I'll wait till next month to incorporate into my HD program at Broomfield Nursing center. Back to taking milk baths weekly, my kidney's unhappy again. Back to the gym, miss it, trying something different, hit it right after work, maybe this will work.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year

Larson Loonie Byne
First Sunday of the year, Church starts at 11am, leaves a strange gap in the morning and then the evening, bu it might just be right to get the photo albums finally together, but I think I'm going to have to hollar for help, my memories still got a lot a holes and I'm not sure it's going to get any better and I want those photo albums put to the right THIS YEAR. I want to spend much of this year learning bluegrass on the dulcimer, but this biggest one is a new job and get out of debt. Got a lot to do this year, want to go cross country skiing at least 2 times, would like to replace the carpet upstairs, need to get a new patio cover, would rather put on the dining room instead, again money, just never enough. Want to make quilts, need to loose weight, want to de-junk the garage. Starting a guitar class Monday, trying to learn chord progression, it's never locked in. R's got to take an Auto-Cad class in March every Friday night, gonna leave a strange hole in the week, think I'll offer to babysit. Wanna do something besides play piano in church. Sometimes I feel like I'm in-actively, active. I only go to church to take the sacrament, if I wasn't playing piano, I'd go home. No other reason to be there.