Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Freaked Out

Co-worker asks me to come help her get out of a part of the office program, I walk over and see CR I tell her "Just hit enter" (why didn't she try that before calling me over?) I walk away twitching, am I more freaked that I know CR means "carriage return" (anyone remember typewriters?" or because the program my company is using uses for enter? Twitch!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


My eee crashed, or got a virus, but it's useless and we may have to send it to the manufacture. I really miss it. R's tumors in his bladder are just going to have to stay put for awhile. Cannot believe the greed economy going on. Dr's office calls tells us we have to give him the $750 dedectible before he'll do the surgery. Hospital calls they want the $750. Hey wait a minute, are we concerned about the patients health or the Dr's pocket book. Turns out the Drs retiring and wants one last pocket lining. Up your's doc. R's company just had a open enrolment for Kaiser. Guess who joined. Lo's new bb is a dolly. Just 6lbs, I don't worry, she makes cream. He'll grow. Easter was a bust. We figured Lo be having bb, R'd be recovering so we didn't plan anything and everybody else had other places to go. At least is was a good strawberry/rubarb pie. Stressco's getting weird. They laid off Dolores Monday, I'm not unhappy, she didn't like the job and made sure other people knew. Jeannie R QUIT!!?? We'll I'm not surprised. I could hear it in her voice 2 weeks ago and told folks she was going to be going, didn't expect her to quit and go bar tending at a biker bar, but that's what she wants to do. Wish her well.
Got a fasinating call from the CFO, I think he was feeling me out as to weither I was going to be the next one gone. He told me he valued my abilities and wanted to let me know. I should have told him"raise not praise" Ah, well, nice to know you're apprecited by the boss if not by your co-workers. Going to the gym more often, feels good. Need to get a photo party under way. R got his NICET 3 certificate. YEAAAAAAA! finally!! NICET 4 is just some paperwork away. TAXES, yech. Gotta figure out why we're not having enuf withdrawn. We keep having to pay, and heavy. I don't do well on 4 hours sleep. The waterbed heater got disconnected and we ended up on the air mattress Friday night. Made a lousy Saturday. Have 4 quilts done. Wish I had the money to make more. Ah well as I labeld this WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA