Target golfing

Target golfing
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Merrill??

On the back the large one says "Could be 2nd wife of Grand mother Merrill

The smaller has written Mariner W Merrill

Any guesses??

Marineer Merrill

The piece of paper was found behind the photo in the big red velvet book. My father said that the album was Marineer and his wives. No real idea. ANYONE. The book goes to DUP this Friday, they have a great museum and ways of letting people find other people. Here's hoping.

Tribute to Elders W. S Berry and J.H. Gibbs

No idea show these guys were, are and why their in a big red velvet photo album that came from my grandfathers home. Any ideas?

Litchfield the man of many faces

In that big red velvet photo album marked "Souvinir" is a photo with the words.
Litchfield, the man of many faces. Gotta wonder. Was he a traveling entertainer that left his photo card, like stars today leave autographs? No Idea, if you do, let me kno


We're heading for Utah Thursday to take J & A some things from mom's estate and furniture from her folks home. We're first stopping at DUP and handing off the photo album I grabbed from Mom's house so that DUP can work their magic and get some of these folks identified. It's going to be thrilling to connect with some more ancestors if those photos really are who they say they are. Got some weird one's I'm going to post individually so they can be looked at by people who are on-line and have a bit of information on them.

Seems like forever since I posted. Another day I'll catch up, not today.