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Target golfing
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

I think I shall rant a bit.
Some SD idiot has announced that it's OK to partake of caffeine if you LDS. What kind of madness is this?   When are people going to learn CAFFEINE IS A DRUG!! And a dangerous one at that.  I tried to heart attack at 27 when I had my second child and the doctor prescribed a caffeine look-alike to help the pain meds get into my blood stream faster.  That's what caffeine does. Accelerates your heart rate.  Guess who is clinically allergic to it?   And people feed to little kids and wonder why they don't do well in school? 
Let's look at the facts. Joseph Smith drank tea.  Herbal Tea.  Everyone in that day and age did. Why?  Care to guess the quality of the water?  LOUSY!! Water purification?  What is that?   Everyone new if they drank pond water they could and usually did get sick.  40 to 50 year lifespan was normal. Germs were all over and not boiling water made people ill.  Boiled water, plain, tastes lousy.  Throw a few leaves into it, add a bit of root or bark, hey, this stuff tastes pretty good.  Add a bit of honey? even better.  Drink it hot? Are you kidding?  #1 it burns!  I lived with a lady on my mission who had no taste buds.  Burnt them out of on hot coffee.  She was the skinniest person I ever met.  Eating held no joy and she often forgot to do it.  Try putting a piece of meat into a cup of HOT water and guess what you get. COOKED MEAT.  Guess what happens to your tongue, throat and stomach lining when it gets repeatedly hit with HOT water.  You are, after all made of "meat"
#2 If you take hot water and bits and pieces and then drink, why did you put the bits and pieces it.  If the water is still hot, there's no flavor from the bits in the water AND NOT OF THE BENEFITS EITHER!.   There is a lot of good in those leaves, bark and root.  Don't believe me, try making a tea with catnip, oh plan to do it on a day when you rest, cause you won't want to do anything else for several hours.  It's a muscle relaxant.  God put those plants on this planet for our benefit, and then we toss them aside for a manufactured stimulant.  Whatcha gonna do when you get to the other side and find out God don't make caffeine. 
One of the main reasons we are here is to try and be like HIM.  How going to do that when you're so hyped up you can't think straight.  I thought LDS people were suppose to rise above the world, in the world but not of it.  What's next?  Whose re-thinking homosexually?  It's a darn slipperly slope and guess whose busy greasing it.

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  1. Mum, I hate to say this, but you're off base here. I'm not saying you're wrong, but it is not doctrine of the church to avoid caffeine etc.

    Now I don't do it, and many people in the church don't do it, but the church does not advocate it, nor have they ever. Yes, there was that one time that one prophet said he didn't in his household and we can extrapolate that, but it's not doctrine. And if someone else chooses not to take it that extra mile you can't stop them.

    Now I don't know who said what to set you off, but the original statement you made there, that "it's OK to partake of caffeine if you LDS" is absolutely true, sorry to disagree with you on this one. Is it healthy? Maybe not. Would any practicing Mormon actively seeking for exultation want to work on cutting that out of their diet? Probably. Is every Mormon who goes to church actively seeking for exultation? Believe it or not, nope. So we can't push them away by pointing a finger and and declaring them heathen for not staying within the hedge we've set up around the law.

    This is one of those topic, tho, that it would have been better for the "SD idiot" as you called them to stay away from. Because while it is not law it would be better so let's not go saying it's okay either.