Target golfing

Target golfing
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014 A new life starts.  MINE.
3 years of working for the rudest company I have ever seen.  Finally figured out after 6 months there why NO ONE greets you in the morning.  They figure you won't be there very long.  No one is.  Apparently I broke some kind of record.  They've never had a CSR for more than 2 years and I hit 3 before I bailed out.  And just like bailing out of a plane, the free fall feels great.  I have no remorse, no worries.  Yes, the budget might get tight, yes, I'm going to look for another job, but no I don't regret a decision I should have made weeks ago.  Being told by a new manager that you're doing your job wrong, first things out of her mouth, is definitely the wrong foot to start with.  And it just went down hill from there.  Enough.  Rear view mirrors are there so that you can make sure you got safety past an obstacle, and you never look backward for very long.  I'm moving forward and have more that enough to keep 10 people busy.  Deep breaths are wonderful and cleansing, be they physical or mental or (in this case) spiritual.    This is me, moving forward

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