Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Tis season to be celebrating and remembering the birth of Christ, and we're running around from this association party to this club dinner. Squeezing in shopping, music practice, THIS AIN'T RIGHT! I want to go caroling, make sock dolls for Children's hospital, knit hats for the soilders in Iraq, smell pine trees and feel warm fireplaces. Can't. No time. Tonight will be our last GPRA meeting, we're done. Didn't learn what we wanted, didn't make new friends, you can't pan once a month in the summer and be part of the group. No wonder my bottom lip looks like Queen Abeadala, dang cold sore when nearly to my chin. If that's not a warning, I'll take it as one. House is a mess, cat hair everywhere. Nobody wants to clean up, including me. I miss the real Christmas. Anyone know where it is??

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