Target golfing

Target golfing
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas

Definatly got to find something better to do with Christmas Day. Christmas Eve with the kids was wonderful, Lori's party was great, fun and everyone helped, but the 25th after the flapjacks were done and so were the kids we got bored. Watched TV, tried to go for a walk, tooo cold. Gotta find some cross country skis, the snows perfect. Finally figured out how to make a sock doll with "one" seam on the serger, I want to make a bunch for next year. Gonna back down on the parties, didn't even get cards out. Didn't get visting teaching done...yet. Many thank yous to write. Gotta get busy now.

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  1. The day after Christmas always feels funny to me, I feel like all the excitement is the eve. (Great party everyone!) And the next morning. Then the rest of the day, I try to squeeze as much time as I can wearing my PJ's and eating candy and nuts instead of food.

    Good to see you on the interweb.

    XO lelia