Target golfing

Target golfing
Robert's wanted to do this for awhile

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

many good things

Many good things. R is now NICET 4, many years of waiting,yeah!! My eee is back and healthy with no charge, nice to have this little guy back. Got my big laptop back. New fan, in old heatsink, plus 2 more G and my golly skype is faster and cleaner. Nice to be back up and connected. Gardens well on it's way and full of weeds, anyone know an herbal person willing to trade herbs for pulling weeds? Taking a break from music theory. Until I can KNOW the chords, no reason to move on. Want to go camping, van leaks. New georgeous grand girl. Almost got her dress done, then I start bonnett & shoes. enjoying first berries, too bad the fruit got hail beat, no apples this year. can't be all good nues

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  1. White Fence Farm was a quiet victory. They asked me back. Turns out the the place doesn't open till 4 and everyone heads for the dining room first. After they've eaten they go wandering, so I really played solo for the first hour. It was relaxing practive. I want a grape arbor just like theirs. I probably had less then a dozen people stop and listen, but they all seemed to enjoy it. I shall return.