Target golfing

Target golfing
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hammered Dulcimer YeeP

Have a young friend, plays violin, told him about White Fence Farm and their bluegrass jams. He asked for a ride. When we got there they had the "Guitars and Stuff" home open for the first time that we're been there. I walked in a lot my breath. Old Martins and Gibson guitars. Zithers, Balankas, Auds, everything stringed, except a Hammered Dulcimer and I said so. The guy behind the counter says, I tried one but couldn't play it, so I sold it. I asked, do you want me to teach you? You play? I do, Would you like to play here? I would, So begins the e-mail conversations. They have a lovely grape arbour off the side of the little old house, (well it's not that old, just looks it. it wasn't there 2 years ago.) I'll be there the 14th, yee haw.
Making slow progress on the concrete work around the garage. Wow the weather's been hot. The garden and the weeds are taking off like crazy. Anyone want zucinni?

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