Target golfing

Target golfing
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Jan 9,2010
I understand you shouldnt grouch about your job on these sites, but I think I'm going job hunting, stresso named JoeG Head sales honcho and I aint sticking around to see the mess that potheads going to make. Dad's been cleaning garage found a bunch of Commodore 64 games, ah to have a Commodore 64 unit and play rat race again. Interesting guitar lesson, teacher has us change our guitar strings to electric strings, less tension on the strings, same noise, no pain on the fingers. It's weird, but cool. Dr is getting silly over my blood numbers, Dr Lee says its all good, just Rx reaction. Gotta get him to talk to Dr A. Cannot believe, Daisy Bell came together on the HD in just over a week. I think I'll wait till next month to incorporate into my HD program at Broomfield Nursing center. Back to taking milk baths weekly, my kidney's unhappy again. Back to the gym, miss it, trying something different, hit it right after work, maybe this will work.

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  1. Hey mama! So I can't turn your blog into and RSS feed, which would allow it to notify me when you have a new post, can you check your setting and see if thats changeable. I'm not sure what'll be under, but I don't want to miss a post. It's fun having updates this way.

    Thanks! Lee (who has a snotty yucky cold)