Target golfing

Target golfing
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Many tined fork in the road

If Electric Sweeper Service is still in business in two years, I'll really be surprised. I'm actually releaved to be shed of them. I should have been job hunting this past year. Amazing how comfortable we can thing we are even when the bed we lie in is full of rocks and pricks. Got a phone call from one of my favorite dealers, I gotta take a trip to Lawrence Kansas and thank this man. He hunted me down on the internet to let me know just how upset he was. Thanks Steve. P.Sawhill got a new 6 head embroidery machine. Wants me to help her learn how to use it...or does she want me to work for her??? Thinking about going to Emily Griffiths to learn medical billing or transcription and make more money. Will take a year, but hey if I can get unemployment for that long, why not. Spend a year squeezing every penny to be able to kick up my value in the market? Not a bad thought. Wanna spend much time on the HD. MUST learn Cannon in D, yes, go ahead and groan with me. Put myself on the market for weddings and funeral and garden parties. AM GOING to get the C.D. done this year. CA is making me crazy. Nothing legal going on down there and don't want to be the one to haul in the law, but maybe I'll have to. Started at looking how to make a will. Not hard, you just got to be precise. Almost got Mari-Posie done. She's Twigs, 2nd cousin? Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly. Hope to finish her this week and start on Toothless. Doll making is fun. It's cold and snowing, nice to day to think, pray and meditate. Wish I could get a strong answer on which tine to travel. Maybe just too soon.

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